farewell dear best friend .. u shall be missed ..

ga pernah nyangka ini bakal kejadian..
sahabat saya.. anggota genk hura hura meninggal dunia kmrn siang..
karena infeksi pasca melahirkan..

dear dessy setiawati..
i thought we would grow old together..
you, me and the other ladies..
but the God has his own way of showing his love..
life moves on, but the remembrance of you shall always be apart of it..
dont worry about bebeb, aunty2 here shall take good care of him..
he will become the best man like you always wish for..
thank u for the wonderful 11 years of friendship with all its ups and downs..
i am trully sorry for any mistakes if ever came apart..
i love u and surely going to miss ytou everyday..
be good there in heaven..
kisses from us..