What To Do With Canned Peaches

Last weekend, I took my first steps into all-grain brewing. Lacking in the equipment to do a five gallon batch, I have been hesitant to do so, seeing as a rather sizable investment would be needed. Also, as I have mentioned at least a time or two, I am on a brewing hiatus until I buy a house. But, a short time ago, I took an all-grain brewing class and have been itching to give it a shot ever since. Just a wee batch. But, my brain kept telling me to wait.

However, I found myself with some canned peaches that needed to be used soon. When I made them this summer, they seemed fantastic. In reality, they were super sweet. Each time I had one, I felt the death march of diabetes. One or two slices atop tangy frozen yogurt would be divine, except that my ice cream maker is all packed up. So, I decided they were ripe for a sour beer. And what better way to test my newly acquired all-grain brewing skills than with a long-aging sour beer that will incorporate Brettanomyces at a later date?

"Foolishness! Utter Babytown Frollicks!" you might say.

However, I was willing to try. So here is the recipe that I used (sized for a two gallon batch):

  • 1.9 lbs NW Pils Malt
  • 1.52 lbs Rye Malt
  • 0.19 lbs Barley Flaked 
  • 0.19 lbs. Acidulated Malt
Mash schedule (in 2.5 gallons of water):
113° for 10 minutes
131° for 15 minutes
149° for 45 minutes
162° for 15 minutes
170° mash out

I then sparged with the canning liquid (40/40/20 honey, water, sugar), plus enough hot water to get back to 2.5 gallons. This recipe is low on hops, .5 oz Cascades @15 minutes. Cooled to 80° and pitched a packet of rehydrated Munton's Ale Yeast. After primary fermentation is complete, it will be racked atop the peaches, and the dregs of two bottles of Orval (to incorporate the funk) added. I will then ferment it for six months in the vessel, and an additional six in the bottle. And it will be astounding.

Lastly, I recently bottled most of the meads I made last summer (peach and plum), plus the wine experiment. I tasted all, and they shall be spectacular. And what pretty bottles.

Cheers, and enjoy the rest of the week!


Dear friends, family, relatives, colleagues and hubby..
Thank you for the birthday wishes, its my fuel through the upcoming year.
Summarizing 21 January, 
I got a birthday surprise from people at the office, as I opened the door entering my department room, there they were giving me birthday cake and singing birthday song. Sweet..
At the evening, being picked up but agung and ate dinner together. And yesterday he brought me home a birthday gift. Dinner and an iconia tab for free. Priceless, thanks hubby.
Thank you God, for another year in life :) me very happy.
Hello the age of ..... (ayo tebak) hi hi..
So grateful of everything. 

Not So Peachy Keen Today. A Little Heartbroken, In Fact

This post is a whiner. Avoid it at all costs if you do not want to hear me moan and groan.

One of my favorite breweries in Portland, Upright Brewing announced recently that they would be releasing the second batch of their Fantasia.

 Last year, I tried this beer, and it was amazing. I however neglected to pick up any bottles at the time. So, when the announcement went out this year for the 2013 Fantasia, I decided I would head over after work and pick up a couple bottles to cellar.

Since Upright opens at 4:30, I thought that pedaling over from downtown at 4:15 would be plenty of time. Until I saw someone crossing N. Williams lugging two cases. Oh no, that is not a good sign. I parked Skipper, headed down, and got in line.

Apparently, beer nerds were there at noon, waiting. I stood in line for a bit, only to find out that their 30 cases ran dry 6 people ahead of me. Sigh.  The bottle line then became the tap line. I sampled the 2012 and 2013 Fantasias. Both were outstanding, and had very distinct differences. And so I have learned my lesson and will take a half day of vacation next year.

Sadly, as I was leaving, I ran into a couple waiting for the elevator up. I complimented them on being of the lucky few. She mentioned that she was "a bit" gluten intolerant and didn't really like beer. But, she came so her boyfriend could get an extra case (there was a one case limit per person), because beer made him happy. This makes me mad, because I went home without the two bottles I wanted to buy. Harumph.

I can only hope Fantasia will be distributed about town.

Cheers and have a lovely weekend!

Teganya Manusia!

Ya Allah..
Jahatnya manusia jaman sekarang yah.. habis baca berita ini terkait pencurian uang sumbangan senilai Rp.35Juta milik keluarga korban yang diperkosa.

Masya Allah..
Kemana pikiran tuh pencuri yah, ga kasian apa yah.. itu keluarga habis kehilangan anak eh diambil pula itu uang untuk support hidup mereka.

Tega benerrrr...
Semoga itu pelaku ditabrak kereta deh   insyaf dan ditunjukan jalan yang benar.
dan buat yang diluar sana, becareful with strangers.. kita ga pernah tau niat seseorang itu baik atau buruk. Jakarta, apapun juga jadi uang mau halal ataupun haram..

kantor pagi ini

Pagi ini ujan..
Ke kantor rasanya malas. tapi wajib datang!
Apa hal pertama yang dilakukan tante2 keceh di kantor .. cuci kaki, dendongg dan...nyobain kuteks baruu..ahayyy..
Happy Rainy Tuesday blog readers ..:*

Good news along the way..

hei,, I forgot to tell..

2 of my besties from our little Genk Gonk Huru Hara had been given a great bless from God..
Yap, after years of marriage.. they are pregnant :)
Congratulations dear buddies.. so envy buttt sooo happpyyyy :)
Going to be aunty soonish,
hope the pregnancy will go as plan .. happy happy happy..
Happy for Jeung Desy and Ceu Mila..


Welcoming 2013

Heiii.. Happy belated New Year Blog Readers..

On new year's eve we stayed for one night at studio one hotel in Thamrin  in order to be part of Jakarta citizen by celebrating it in Jakarta City by watching "kembang api" and "panggung campur sari"..
Had a great time, even the weather is not that cool , drizzle, rain and windy alot but the night is great.

Here is a little pic from our new year eve holiday :)

Wishing this year will bring lots of joy to be grateful of..

Happy 2013 - Hendrawanto's