Somewhere To Hide Some Nappies

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The simple truth is that lovely fabric begets lovely things.  (I'm pretty sure that "begets" is the wrong word there but I'm choosing to leave it... it sounds poetic and deep.  I like it.  Sorry.)

This is one of those projects which I discussed with a friend, looked at some great patterns for, then decided to freestyle with my own concocted pattern.

It's just a simple nappy wallet for a friend who's expecting twins.  I hope that it makes her smile when she manoeuvres her big old double pram into a change room somewhere and deals with one or more of the never ending stream of dirty nappies.  My twins specialised in synchronised pooing.  Not sure if others do too...

May we all find beautiful fabric to brighten our hearts as we do our most disliked jobs.


Craft Revival

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As daunting as the first term of school was, I think that maybe the first school holidays were scarier.

We survived.  Though it did take us a few days to get back into a routine (we were all pretty tired by the end of term hype... there may have been some chocolate induced highs and lows in there too).

Pretty soon we were back into the groove with the craft box being emptied onto the kitchen table like the good old days.  

I might get frustrated with the clean-up, but I sure do love these faces of concentration and the fervent discussions that happen while these girls are crafting.  It's a serious business.

I can't quite remember now why she had to make a boat... but it was extremely important at the time.

And this (obviously) is a princess.  Who ever needs a reason to create a princess (or a mermaid, for that matter).

And the boy... yes, well, I'm just taking comfort in the fact that these days he isn't eating the craft materials.  We all have different passions!


The Sticker Chart (Mark II)

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In all its glory.  Here is the second sticker chart (up cycled from the back of the first sticker chart... I'm classy).

Current behaviour being targeted includes landing wee and poo in the toilet; staying in bed in the morning until papa fetches them; doing chores with a good attitude; and anything where a mum or a dad need just a little bit of leverage to encourage good decisions.

As yet, there are no rewards for getting any number of stickers on the chart and apparently the kids haven't realised that that is what other families do.  And you may notice that the paths of the stickers aren't too closely aligned.  I am really trying to enforce the idea that this is not a competition or a race, but a chance for us to give the children who we love so much a few small things to encourage them to be the best that they can be quite separate to whatever anybody else is or isn't doing.

Isn't life an adventure!



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A few weeks ago Sam had a friend over for a play.  We pulled out all the big guns... chalk drawing; playing on the swingset; helping me clean out the car; and the big one... marbles.  With cooking utensils, no less.

For me it was a chance to realise how different life is now that two of our three are over five.  The little ones move at such a different pace.  They take joy in such small things.  And have so many questions.  

Watching them learn is magic.  And it is exhausting.  Things need ot be learnt and tested... and thrown.  And touched and pulled and pushed.  Then filed behind the couch for good measure.

I'm still finding marbles posted carefully round the living room.  But I'm pretty sure that all the kitchen utensils were rescued and washed.  At least I think they were...


Sticker Chart

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Stickers hold a funny power over kids.  For a while there my kids had been asking me to make them a sticker chart.  But I had some mental block that made me push it away... Until a few behaviour patterns reached a point where some kind of new approach was desperately needed.  Most of it boiled down to the fact that the girls were exhausted by the end of a school day and couldn't be bothered being nice to the people around them (us and each other).

So this monstrosity was born.  Pretty simple and practical.  I bought a big sheet of card and a packet of stickers.  As you can see, the drawings are very precise and exact... and the kids care...  They are getting plenty of counting practice as they continually tally their stickers and compare (something which I am absolutely working against).  And the lure of each of these tiny little artworks is magic.  They sure aren't perfect (neither am I...) but it is amazing that they can find the energy to be nice with such an insignificant carrot to dangle.

Naturally, the chart is only a means to an end (in my mind, at least).  I am hoping and even beginning to observe that the standard of normal behaviour is changing.  New precidences are being set all the time and the old grumpy standard is slowly being forgotten.  Of course, new challenges will arise with new seasons...  But then there's always the back of the piece of card for a new and more exciting chart when these behaviours seem like innocent hiccups in our routine.

With new growth comes new training.  And I've got a lot of learning to do just to keep up!