farewell dear best friend .. u shall be missed ..

ga pernah nyangka ini bakal kejadian..
sahabat saya.. anggota genk hura hura meninggal dunia kmrn siang..
karena infeksi pasca melahirkan..

dear dessy setiawati..
i thought we would grow old together..
you, me and the other ladies..
but the God has his own way of showing his love..
life moves on, but the remembrance of you shall always be apart of it..
dont worry about bebeb, aunty2 here shall take good care of him..
he will become the best man like you always wish for..
thank u for the wonderful 11 years of friendship with all its ups and downs..
i am trully sorry for any mistakes if ever came apart..
i love u and surely going to miss ytou everyday..
be good there in heaven..
kisses from us..

Elle Est Propriétaire D'une Maison

The Brewmistress has her darling cottage. And she inherited some interesting things from the previous owner. Some useful, some not. To not bore my brewing followers, house projects and such will be chronicled on the new blog What A Good Squirrel.

But, I will be starting to all grain brew soon, and will report on that.

For now, onto packing, moving, cleaning and the joy that it all brings.

Cheers and enjoy the weekend!

Waiting and Wanting

Allow me to preface today's post by admitting that my homebuying process thus far has been very smooth sailing. I bid on a darling little home that I had my eye on for about a month before I started looking for real. The offer process moved quickly, the inspection went very well, the appraisal came in at the selling price agreed upon, and I received the report swiftly. So, I have no cause for complaint. What follows is not complaint necessarily, just a little fantasizing about what will hopefully soon be the Brewmistress Cottage. Of which I will post photographs of once the keys are in my hot little hands.

That being said, I must confess, I have become rather impatient lately. I have so so so many things I want to do in the house and to the house, and I am so excited to get started, but have to wait just a little longer. So here is my laundry list of demands to the universe:

  1. Beer. I desperately want to start all grain brewing. I know how, and will finally have the space to do it. Plus, as an added bonus, a big huge tool shed to ferment in, so I can do some seasonally appropriate brews (saisons in the summer, lagers in the winter). Since I have not been brewing in the last few months, I have grown to miss it (almost painfully.)  So, Universe, please send me reasonably-priced mash tun parts and a propane burner.
  2. Color. Lately, I have been washing and packing away all of my bright, colorful things like clothing and draperies. Currently, I am surrounded by brown cardboard boxes and am really missing luscious, cheery color. For this demand Universe, speed up time and magically transfer all of my material goods to the new house. And hang the draperies.
  3. Flora. The yard on this house is a gardener's dream, with a minimum of shrubbery removal. I am overexcited to begin planting, since the growing season approaches. Many hours of trolling bulb and seed catalogs has my urban farmer fantasies running wild. Plus, there is an ideal space to grow hops, which have been ordered through HBX. Again, speed up time and encourage your pal Mother Nature to will a long growing season.
  4. Bar. There is a perfect little dining space in the abode to create a little bar, complete with kegs. I would like some cheap kegs and a free perfectly-sized dorm fridge in working order. Thanks, Universe.
  5. Belgium. This one is a shade off topic, but sadly I must confess that my trip to Western Europe is simply not happening this year. So, Universe, please make this happen next summer.
  6. Cleaning and Closure. Last but not least. My usual aptitude for maintaining a tidy domicile has slipped in the last few months, as I figure, what is the point? Greatly looking forward to neatness again.
That's it, my short list of demands. I don't ask for much.

Cheers and have a lovely weekend!