A Bit of a Farewell & Why I've Loved Blogging Here

art. house. mum.

Well, I've really been concocting this post in my head on and off for the past few months... but to get it done I think that the key will be SIMPLIFY!

Basically, I'm intending to close down Art House Mum.  And I've opened a new blog, Red Ink Rodeo, more as a fluid portfolio of my art and design than a family blog.

But as I farewell Art House Mum, I want to take a minute to salute what blogging here has been for me.  As with most things in life, blogging here didn't work the way I expected it would.  But it worked in different (and better) ways.

Oh darn it, here's a list of good things that came from blogging at Art House Mum.

I made new friends.
I connected with old friends.
I learnt new skills
And gained new confidences.
I did a few professional development-ish things.
I had the chance to celebrate the tiny little things that are the big big things in the long days with toddlers.
And in doing so I was able to hook into the values and value which gave me reason to be a dignified full-time stay-at-home mum (I still am).
And, well, during a patch where it turned out that I had terribly low iron levels (which I was unaware of at the time), blogging gave me an activity which I could accomplish with minimal exertion of physical energy (I could only see this value with hindsight once I discovered iron tablets... but that's another story).

So, I know that there are enough Mummy bloggers out there to drown a fleet of whales, but well, I'm glad that I've been in the ocean for this period of time.

Thanks for having me!

And drop on over to Red Ink Rodeo when you feel like a little art in your day.

Talk soon, g