Christmas 2013

The lavender at Clementine Cottage is going wild. So, friends and family, just know that you be will be receiving lavender sachets or jelly for Christmas this year.

Cheers, and have a lovely weekend!

Fruit on the Wall

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I finally got these great words up on our walls.  It was perfect timing really, as a few days after I hung it there was a Kids' Talk at church about how our lives bear fruit which is evidence of the kind of tree (person) we really are.

I always appreciate the graphic (and short) nature of Kids' Talks and this one was so easy to remember and talk about later because Mr B had three of his kids stand up the front with him holding branches cut of real trees... firstly branches off a dead tree, secondly branches off a rose bush, and thirdly branches off a mandarin tree complete with a fruit waiting to be picked.  I don't hear many sermons these days, so it is nice to at least carry a bite sized idea home in my mind and heart.  Thanks Mr B.

And here's how our fruit is hanging now.  It's a good list to breeze through... but a bit uncomfortable around the bit where it gets to "Patience"  and then positively squirmish at the "Self Control" end... Thank goodness it's not about being perfect, but being MADE perfect.


Three Things...

art. house. mum.

1.  A Happy Birthday...  with a home style party of close friends... and a very homemade cake.  Not Pinterest-worthy, but still declared "The. Best. Cake. Ever." by Hope, and seconded by Sammy's "Yeah.Yeah. My Wocket Ship!"

2.  A new pet worm found while Papa was planting a hedge.  It took some serious negotiations to secure the release of the poor thing... he may have been loved to death otherwise... and he's got work to do in our garden!  (The photo was a major part of the negotiations... I may have promsied to get it printed out too...)

3.  Pumkins!  The stack is now happily diminished, but what a joy to pull up a vine and find a stack of food just waiting to be shared...