Fruit on the Wall

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I finally got these great words up on our walls.  It was perfect timing really, as a few days after I hung it there was a Kids' Talk at church about how our lives bear fruit which is evidence of the kind of tree (person) we really are.

I always appreciate the graphic (and short) nature of Kids' Talks and this one was so easy to remember and talk about later because Mr B had three of his kids stand up the front with him holding branches cut of real trees... firstly branches off a dead tree, secondly branches off a rose bush, and thirdly branches off a mandarin tree complete with a fruit waiting to be picked.  I don't hear many sermons these days, so it is nice to at least carry a bite sized idea home in my mind and heart.  Thanks Mr B.

And here's how our fruit is hanging now.  It's a good list to breeze through... but a bit uncomfortable around the bit where it gets to "Patience"  and then positively squirmish at the "Self Control" end... Thank goodness it's not about being perfect, but being MADE perfect.