Craft Revival

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As daunting as the first term of school was, I think that maybe the first school holidays were scarier.

We survived.  Though it did take us a few days to get back into a routine (we were all pretty tired by the end of term hype... there may have been some chocolate induced highs and lows in there too).

Pretty soon we were back into the groove with the craft box being emptied onto the kitchen table like the good old days.  

I might get frustrated with the clean-up, but I sure do love these faces of concentration and the fervent discussions that happen while these girls are crafting.  It's a serious business.

I can't quite remember now why she had to make a boat... but it was extremely important at the time.

And this (obviously) is a princess.  Who ever needs a reason to create a princess (or a mermaid, for that matter).

And the boy... yes, well, I'm just taking comfort in the fact that these days he isn't eating the craft materials.  We all have different passions!