Not So Peachy Keen Today. A Little Heartbroken, In Fact

This post is a whiner. Avoid it at all costs if you do not want to hear me moan and groan.

One of my favorite breweries in Portland, Upright Brewing announced recently that they would be releasing the second batch of their Fantasia.

 Last year, I tried this beer, and it was amazing. I however neglected to pick up any bottles at the time. So, when the announcement went out this year for the 2013 Fantasia, I decided I would head over after work and pick up a couple bottles to cellar.

Since Upright opens at 4:30, I thought that pedaling over from downtown at 4:15 would be plenty of time. Until I saw someone crossing N. Williams lugging two cases. Oh no, that is not a good sign. I parked Skipper, headed down, and got in line.

Apparently, beer nerds were there at noon, waiting. I stood in line for a bit, only to find out that their 30 cases ran dry 6 people ahead of me. Sigh.  The bottle line then became the tap line. I sampled the 2012 and 2013 Fantasias. Both were outstanding, and had very distinct differences. And so I have learned my lesson and will take a half day of vacation next year.

Sadly, as I was leaving, I ran into a couple waiting for the elevator up. I complimented them on being of the lucky few. She mentioned that she was "a bit" gluten intolerant and didn't really like beer. But, she came so her boyfriend could get an extra case (there was a one case limit per person), because beer made him happy. This makes me mad, because I went home without the two bottles I wanted to buy. Harumph.

I can only hope Fantasia will be distributed about town.

Cheers and have a lovely weekend!